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August 19th 2018

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Many Flowered Cotoneaster

Blizzard of Tiny White FlowersThe Many-Flowered Cotoneaster, Cotoneaster multiflorus, produces a blizzard of clusters of small white flowers  in spring. It is one of the few cotoneasters useful for its flowers.The flowers mature into a...

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Sunrise Coneflower

Shades of YellowThe Coneflower Sunrise, 'Echinacea purpurea', is an easy to grow flower that produces beautiful, rich yellow blooms that slowly mature to a pale shade of lemon. These plants have a wonderful eye appeal! ‘Sunrise’ have...

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Oso Easy® Cherry Pie Rose

Luscious Blooms on a Hardy ShrubOso Easy Cherry Pie is a shrub rose variety with rich color that won’t be missed in your landscape.  Plant one in your rose garden, use as a foundation plant or perhaps scatter a few around the yard where you...

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